<div> <h1>Vartha</h1> <p> telugu newspaper vartha,vaartha telugu news paper,vartha patrikalu,telugu vartha patrikalu,metro vartha. vaarttha,vartha pdf,vartha bharati,vartha barathi,kerala vartha, vaarta,vartha paper,vaartha paper, bharathi. vartha telugu,vartha news,vartha newspaper,vartha news paper,vaartha news paper,vartha telugu paper. Vaartha , headquartered in Hyderabad, India is a Telugu news paper.Vaartha means "News" in Telugu. Vaartha is the firstly daily in Andhra Pradesh to have facilitated Information Technology in publishing all the news that broke as late as 4 a.m. Vaartha is extremely popular in the beginning of its launch and many people switched to Vaartha. </p> </div>